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Westwood Residences

There are several shopping centers in the area. The closest is the Pioneer Shopping Center which has a retail area, dining and other service centers for the area. A shorter walk is the Goh Pak Shopping Center which features the local grocery store. A more high end shopping area can be found at the Jurong Point Shopping Mall, about a 20 minute drive. The large mall has over 450 stores and attractions. There is a multiplex cinema here and an assortment of dining choices. Beauty parlors are also found in several locations at this mall. If you are looking for designer stores, Jurong Point Shopping Mall is the place to go. A different place to dine is the Boon Lay Place Market and Food Village. Cuisine from the world over is featured here along with farmer’s markets and organic foods.

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For those looking for more professional sports, the West Jurong Sports and Recreation Center is about a half hour drive. This center has a variety of sports and recreation facilities for the citizens to attend. Some local citizens reserve season tickets here to some events.

Schools are quite near to the Westwood Residences. For younger children, there is the Pioneer Primary School, Westwood Primary School, West Grove Primary School, Corporation Primary School, Xingnan Primary School, Jurong West Primary School, Frontier Primary School and Juying Primary School.

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Secondary schools include Westwood Secondary School, Pioneer Secondary School, Boon Lay Secondary School, Yuhua Secondary School, and Juying Secondary School. Higher level education is also in close reach. The Jurong Junior College is in walking distance from the ED. One four-year school, the popular technical school Nanyang Technical University (NTU) is a train station away. Children of the ED should easily be able to find great schools to attend.

Children will also have built in play areas in the complex. Several other parks, including West Jurong Park are available in the area for local getaways. The complex is also near the forest area in West Jurong. Pets are welcome according to the complex’s residential group.

Westwood Residences

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